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Republic Direct Mail Marketing Services
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Republic Direct Mail Marketing Services

For a business to succeed in its marketing strategy, it should be comprehensive. It must reach out to all its clients, especially those who do not get to visit their business in person or check the internet for information. A good and effective way to reach these specific clients is by sending marketing materials directly to their homes or business addresses.

Digital Print Ink offers a stress-free and personalized direct marketing service where you can get a personalized mailing campaign for your business. We can personalize everything, from your packaging to what marketing material should go to a specific client. We will aim to make your mailing campaign catch your recipients’ curiosity, improve their view of your brand and get them to action.

Our Republic direct mail experts will be with you throughout the process so you understand how your mailing strategy works and how you can support it. We will make it easy for you to understand our service and see the results in your turnaround once the mailing service we help you with is active.

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Direct Mailing Products

Direct mailing is a targeted campaign where a business sends marketing materials directly to their potential or existing clients at their home or office addresses. This is perfect for businesses to use, especially if they have an older demographic who do not get their information about businesses online. It is also the perfect tool to foster brand loyalty and satisfaction since the recipients will feel touched when they receive these directly mailed marketing tools from your company.

Digital Print Ink can help you create a direct mailing strategy that works perfectly for your business and brings in the much-needed traffic for your brand. Our team can work with any business or company in creating their very own strategies, even if they are working on a budget.

Some of the direct mailing products that will be included in our service include:

1. Brochures
2. Catalogs
3. Postcards
4. Sales letters
5. Newsletters
6. Political mail
7. Flyers

Whether you are introducing yourself to your target market or simply want to instill brand loyalty to your market, we will customize our services to help you achieve your goals. We will personalize your direct mailing campaign from the ground up so that your customers will feel more connected to your brand and be inspired to continue doing business with you.

Direct Mail Targeting

A direct mailing campaign allows your business to reach more clients who may be looking for your products and services but do not get their information online or other information. Compared to other types of marketing materials, direct mailing is more personalized for your audiences. The results can also surprise you if it is done right compared to its fellow marketing tools.

Our Republic direct mail service is a straightforward and stress-free service that will allow you to streamline your marketing strategy through direct mail. You will be assigned to one of our mailing experts, who will check your mailing list or help you make one. We will use your targets, industry requirements, and other important information you can provide us to help you with your mailing campaign.

We can also help you apply for the US Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail Program. The program allows clients to build a specific mailing list in the communities they plan to send their marketing merchandise. The Postal Service can help narrow your recipients for a more successful mailing campaign.

Using the program can also help you save up on postal fees, which you can use for other investments for your company. The US Postal Service offers regular discounts to anyone participating in the program and promos that will make the program more appealing to more businesses.

Full-Service Print Shop

Our Republic, MO printing company is rated for offering personalized printing and mailing services to any client who needs assistance. Whether you are hoping to expand your customer reach or want to create a marketing reach that will introduce your brand, our team is ready to work with you to achieve it no matter how specific you want it to be, what time frame you need the material for and how much money you have as your budget. We will make the process stress-free and make sure your investment is well-spent.

For our Republic direct mail services, we will work with you to organize the materials you want to be sent to your recipients and make sure they are personalized based on their individual preferences. We can also personalize the envelopes or packaging for further branding and customization. We can also help you build your mailing list if you don’t have one already and ensure it is your target market we are sending your materials.

If you want to revise your marketing strategy, Digital Print Ink is ready to sit down with you to discuss your current structure and revise it accordingly to make it more effective. We will offer you great recommendations that work for your business targets.

During our direct mail service, we will do the following:

1. Folding
2. Inserting
3. Collating
4. Gathering
5. Sealing
6. Labeling
7. ZIP code sorting
8. Standard/bulk mail
9. Delivery to post office
10. Database management

Marketing materials are a staple to any business, and their impacts are undeniable, especially for new businesses. With Digital Print Ink, we will frame your business in a positive light through your marketing materials, and once your target market receives them, they will be inspired to take action to check what you offer.

Free Consultation Today

Springfield Sign Company dpi logo 1 300x141If you want to reach out to more audiences and give them a sense of belonging to your brand, you should consider utilizing a direct mailing strategy for your business.

With the Republic direct mail service of Digital Print Ink, you don’t have to worry about getting your marketing materials distributed to your target audience. Our team will handle the heavy lifting by getting your marketing materials printed to the design you want and bringing them to the Post Office to get them sent. We guarantee that you will be guided throughout the mailing process, and it will be done efficiently so that your investment will return to you ten-fold as your recipients come in to check your offerings.

Call Digital Print Ink at (417) 323-6919 for your Free Consultation with a Republic Direct Mail expert!

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